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CCNA Books 3 Kinds Of Books

Rather than studying for your CCNA exam at a proper class at a networking training center, a good alternative is to study using DNA Books 3 Kinds Of Books. There is a large variety of CCNA books these days and new students might be very confused about which books to buy. Here are 3 types of books which I believe are necessary for studying and preparing for the CCNA exam in the most complete way:

  1. Self-Study Books

These CCNA books are generally designed as a complete alternative to the CCNA classroom courses, although they can also be used as a supplementary study aid. They are written in-depth to offer full coverage and do not assume that the reader has any pre-requisite knowledge, and so they are good for new students who do not have any prior experience.

Cisco regularly updates the CCNA blueprint to include the latest technologies and remove the old technologies, so that the candidate will be up-to-date with the latest market requirements. For this reason, it is important to get a self-study CCNA book specifically written for the latest version of the exam.

  1. Exam-Cram Books

These are last-minute revision CCNA books usually used as a memory aid to help you remember all the difficult to remember facts before the CCNA exam. In general, these should only be used after you have read and understood all the core topics and materials required for the CCNA. Exam cram books cover the exam topics very broadly and tend not to go in-depth as much as the self-study books.

Do not depend on these books solely to learn the core topics, especially if this is the first time you are attempting the CCNA. The best way to use the exam summary books is to read them as a revision guide before the exam.

  1. Practice exam books

These CCNA books contain one or more sets of practice tests or mock exams designed to simulate the real thing. These are most useful for practice and to boost your confidence before you go and attempt the real thing. Some of the best books come with a testing engine where you can run the mock test on your computer. The simulation closely mimics the real exam and this will boost your confidence even further and will help with skills such as exam time management.

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