Spoken English in Foreign Countries

Trend of Spoken English Courses in Universities

As everyone knows that study is the critical point for success in life. If you are not studying in your life, then you are nothing. You should learn spoken English first. Without learning anything, you cannot understand it.

If you know English almost more than half then you can successfully learn any course abroad. To learn anything, it is necessary that where you will discover your desired directions abroad because there are many institutions for learning anything in different countries. Just like as USA, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa. But if you know to brief about Study, then you can see my second post.

As the institutions in these countries would be expensive to learn especially for international students. If you’re concerned about expenses, or only as the concept of studying around the world, read on for a variety of alternative destinations where you can study abroad in English and maybe save some money at the same time.


Europe is fast growing a top region for seeing study programs in English, even in countries where English is not the regional language. If you’re an EU citizen, you can get free university education – with all your lectures explained in English – in about half of all European countries, including Denmark, Austria, Norway, and Greece. Fees tend to be higher for non-EU students, but are still relatively lower than you’ll find in other attractive study institutions. English-taught courses were few and far within as recently as 2009, especially at bachelor’s level, but there has since been a fifty-fold improvement in the number of English-taught bachelor’s degrees available.

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Almost 56 percent population of Germany speaks English. Especially the younger ones. They all go through from Spoken English Courses. Because Frisian is the native language of Germany. And there are many leading institutes that are available for learning there. In Germany, it is easy to find the English-taught institutes at the postgraduate level is easy but it is harder to find the institutes for the undergraduate degree. There are no tuition fees for learning at the undergraduate level in the public universities of Germany. Except for universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg (A state of Germany), where non-EU students now need to pay fees of €3,000 per year. Master’s degrees are also free if you have got your undergraduate degree in Germany, while Ph.D. courses are too often both free or very low-cost. Private universities in Germany will charge tuition fees, but these are usually still lower than the global average.


If you want to study in the Netherlands, then you need to communicate with the locals because 90 percent of the population in the Netherlands are English speakers. There are also many institutes for learning because where the majority of the peoples are English speakers there, it would be many English-taught institutes. More than 2000 institutes are available there for leaning in English. Majority of those institutes are master’s degree. In Holland, there is a study finder made by the Government agency, which will help you to find the perfect learning in English institutes for you at any level. Even the study is not free there in the Netherland, but the fees are much less than the average learning in English courses. It is also less than it for specific countries like Switzerland.


There is almost learning courses available in the Austria country in their local language, but more than 260 programs are available in the English for the different educational level. There is mostly information available on different websites for different institutes. You can get the knowledge about your desired programs. Austria is a country with 73 percent of the people English speakers. The study is free for Austria’s national students and the students from the EU. Students from the now-EU would pay their fees for the courses.


Almost half of the people living in Greece can speak English accurately. But the education in universities is still in the Greek’s local language. Desired study courses are available in the English for both of the postgraduate and the graduate level. Same like the other countries, education for Greece’s people and the EU citizens are free, but except these countries, the people all around the world would pay for desired courses according to their schedule.


If you are Europe a national citizen and cannot learn from your country from the EU due to their high fees, then you can select Scotland because a study in Scotland for the EU citizens and the Scotland peoples are free. Scotland people mostly can speak English, but they also have their own two languages. Scotland country has started the free courses for the EU peoples from 2019/2020. They will not pay their course fees if they get admission in the following years. GLASGOW is the best school in Scotland to learn Spoken English.



Russia is another country offering a full range of English-taught courses, as well as 15,000 government accomplishments, both of which try to bring more global students. But, the number of English speakers is much lower in Russia at around five% of the people (though it will vary by region, with cities like Moscow and St Petersburg having a higher proportion of English speakers in their country), so it’s a good plan to learn some basic Russian to help you get by.


Although most education in universities in Denmark is conducted in Danish (local language of Denmark), there are more than 700 internationally verified programs educated in English, and 86 percent of the country’s citizens can speak English. You can observe study programs in English via the study in Denmark official websites. Universities in Denmark are free to visit, at all levels, for all Europe, EEA and Swiss students. If you are not from these countries EU/EEA, you will be asked to pay fees.

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